Practices – Coming soon the Still Doing Democracy! Workbook, including JoAnn’s thinking and doing tools

  • Who Are We – developing an evolutionary and earth-based awareness
  • How Do We Think – our emotions and the limitations of thinking that we think
  • Where Do I Belong – the importance of context, that is, your own backyard
  • What do I believe? – Telling Your Own Story is the only way you will know
  • Listening without replying! – Conscious, Attentional, and Intentional Listening
  • Showing Up – Playing your role effectively to collaborate for common purposes


Coming soon – Jim adapts the MAP stages from Doing Democracy to analyze competing political paradigms and new movements for change


We recommend – Tools from Bill Moyer’s Doing Democracy:

Understand the role you and your organization play at any stage with Bill Moyer’s Four Roles of Social Activism

Analyze your social movement, project with Bill Moyer’s Eight Stages of Successful Social Movements