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This is an Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt is Shaping the Twenty-first Century (2016). Mark Engler and Paul Engler. Nation Books. This is a welcome history of nonviolent social action with good insights to theory and practice. Chapter 7 places considerable focus on Bill Moyer’s Movement Action Plan.

Hegemony How – To: A Roadmap for Radicals (2017). Jonathan Matthew Smucker. AK Press. A cogent analysis of the ways in which social movement participants may defeat their own goals and vision using the Occupy Walk Street action as an example.

More about Social Change, Social Movements, Being an 

Engaged Citizen, and Current Issues


Doing Democracy:

The MAP Model for Organizing Social Movements

By Bill Moyer, and JoAnn 

McAllister, Mary Lou Finley, Steve Soifer


Still relevant,

and the basic guide to understanding and participating in social movements: Doing Democracy: the MAP Model of Organizing Social Movements (2001). Bill Moyer, JoAnn McAllister, Mary Lou Finley & Steven Soifer. Order from New Society Publishers

Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist, David Hartsough (2014). PM Press. A wonderful and soulful telling of a life dedicated to the vision of a peaceful and loving world. Presents a fulsome picture of the role of Quakers, especially the American Friends Service Committee, in peacemaking over the last several decades. Inspiring.


George Lakey in Waging Nonviolence –

Steve Whiting answers the question “what do you mean by the label activist?”


Kevin Zeeze outlines Bill Moyer’s Eight Stages for Successful Social Movements –


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A Difference that Makes a Difference:

Systemic Change for Environmental and Social Justice.

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References for Still Doing Democracy!

Jim and JoAnn are working on annotated lists of favorite books that provide the foundation for understanding of beliefs, values, motivations, and stories and that inform the insights and practices in Still Doing Democracy! Most are written for the interested and educated lay reader, but are well researched with threads to primary sources. Please purchase from local independent bookstore when possible! (1985).


Michael Gazzinga (2011). Who’s in Charge? Free Will and the Science of the Brain.

Jonathan Gottschall (2012). The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human.

Jonathan Haidt (2012). The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion.

Daniel Kahneman (2012). Thinking, Fast and Slow.

Robert M. Sapolosky (2017). Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst.

  1. O. Wilson (2012). The Social Conquest of Earth

Websites – People & Organizations doing good work!

Civil Politics – is a website established by Jonathan Haidt and colleagues to promote civil discourse using data from research on human behavior. Haidt also oversees several other websites devoted to moral psychology.

Popular Resistance – seeks to bring movements for “peace, justice, economic fairness and environmental protection together into an independent, nonviolent and diverse movement that can end the power of concentrated wealth, shift power to the people and put human needs before corporate greed.”

Waging Nonviolence – “is a source for original news and analysis about struggles for justice and peace around the globe…. “waging nonviolence” is the active pursuit of a better, less violent society by means worthy of the goal and those best suited to achieving it.” Columnists include long-standing civil and human rights activist George Lakey, a founder with Bill Moyer and others, of Movement for a New Society (MNS). MNS was active from 1971 through the late 1980s and many of the tools – analysis, strategies, and tactics – used by nonviolent social movements today were developed in campaigns members organized.


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